Ultra-fast Charging Systems (UFC)

Less time than a cup of coffee to recharge your electric motorcycle

The Evoke ultra-fast charging battery pack is a semi-permanent vehicle mounted, lithium-ion based, battery pack with onboard thermal and cell management. When paired with an Evoke charging station, 2.5C – 3.0C charging (15 – 17 min charging) can be safely achieved with little to no life cycle degradation.

Dual Compound Tyres

The subtle balance of grip, durability and range keep our engineers busy; with continuous testing and development with our tire manufacturing company, new rubber compounds are always being tested.

Fast Chargers

Onboard and off-board charging technologies; shaving minutes off your charge time

CCS, J1772, Mennekes and GBT standards are continually being integrated in Evoke’s electric motorbikes to allow flexibility in charging options to get our rider’s back on the road in the shortest amount of time. Optional dual chargers and ultra-fast charging systems are available on select Evoke models.

Motor Development

High RPM, maximum thermal load, increasing efficiency

Getting the electric power from the battery to the road requires ongoing development to further maximize power dissipation, copper winding thermal cooling, magnetic flux optimization and KV calibration.

Lithium-Ion Battery & Thermal Management

Sinking heat away; exothermic transfer from li-ion cell internals outward

Evoke’s breakthroughs in electronic and thermal management of li-ion cells extends life, charges faster safely with more aggressive charging profiles and allows the pack to deliver higher C discharges while maintaining a stable voltage drop across a charge cycle.

Haptic Feedback

Eyes on the road

Haptic feedback through the handlebars and electric motorbike allow you to keep your eyes on the road, instead of down on the screen. Instantly “feel” when you have an onscreen notification and decide how and when you handle it.

Onboard Diagnostics System

S.M.A.R.T. technology at your fingertips

Real time diagnostics allow you to travel with the knowledge that you will be the first to know if something goes wrong with your Evoke electric motorcycle. The simple display means you will know exactly whats wrong without having to be an expert.

Large Format UI

Intuitive UI, seamless integration between digital and real-world

Functional control of an entire Evoke electric motorcycle, through a TFT touchscreen user interface. Constantly updating to refresh the rider’s experience, add in features accessible through the interface and connect our rider’s digital profiles and information to their bike for personalization and customization.