General Information

Our manufacturers produce high quality electric motorcylces and scooters with exceptional riding range and features. The M5 offer a premium riding experience through its powerful drive system, long battery range, superior components, comfort and versatility. The new and amazing head turner M5 electric motorcycle is powered by a 5000W motor that will provide a speed of up to 100km/h. With a single charge time of just 6-8 hours, the M5 electric motorcycle will go as far as 100 km+.


The Bitmart M5 has an impressive 100km range which can keep you commuting for days without having to charge.

Life Span

The 72V lithium battery onboard allows for longer lasting rides with a top speed of 100km/h. 

Speed Control

Built in with an advanced speed control cruise system and a fully automated speed setting on low/medium/high.

Easy to Ride

The Bitmart M5 is as easy as riding a bicycle. With only a twist-&-go throttle, riding just got a whole lot easier.

Front Suspension

LED Display Approved by EEC

Shock Absorber